1. 3 of the Most Relaxed Contemporary Bedroom Decorating Styles

    Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is the place within your home where you should feel the most at peace. The decor of this room should not only be trendy but also showcase your unique taste, without being too extreme or too dull.

    Deciding between tons of decor styles in the market today, things can easily get confusing. To make it easier for you, we have collected three themes that are

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  2. The Right Accent Pieces: Live in a Home Right Out of a Magazine!

    Modular furniture showrooms in Ahmedabad have some of the chicest pieces of furniture and home decor to choose from. But, in order to have these stylish pieces come alive, you need the right accessories surrounding them. You might find them functionally non-essential, but accent pieces are what make your home look pretty!

    Here are 4 must-have accent pieces to give your home

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  3. Home Decor from the Perspective of an Aquarian

    Aquarians ideally like to live either right in the centre of town, or deep in the countryside; there’s seldom a midway for them. They love their homes to have an open view, be spacey, and have a nice airy feel. After all, Aquarius is an air sign. They love to feel free and unrestricted.

    Progressive Design Elements

    The colours for Aquarians range amongst the various s

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  4. 5 Ways to Have Musically-inspired Home Decor

    Your home should be your private piece of heaven - a place devoid of all worries, all tension. It should be your personal space where you find peace after a long day’s work and get rid of stress. But, that’s not all. Your house should also look like ‘you’ live there. It should fluently speak your style and be decorated in your taste.

    Wouldn’t it be great if music is your way of de-stress

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  5. Your Guide to Choosing Placemats for Your Beautiful Dining Table

    Whether it’s for hosting a large dinner, or for everyday use, placemats are important to keep your dining table free of spills and stains, and also to have it leave a long-lasting impression on your guests.

    Usually kept on the top of your tablecloth, placemats are available in various kinds of materials these days. As these mats are one of the most noteworthy and definitely essential addition t

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  6. How to Organize Your Wardrobe the 'Marie Kondo' Style

    People invest so much of their valuable time and money into picking the perfect wardrobes from modular furniture showrooms in Ahmedabad. But, after making all that investment, if their house remains just as disorganized, looks just as cluttered, then what's

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  7. 3 Quick Tips on Picking the Right Curtains And Drapes

    Whether you’re planning to move into your dream house or looking to renovate your existing home, curtains form one decor element that you simply can not ignore.

    As there is a variety of options available for tracks, fabrics, accessories, etc., the real question is, how to choose the right curtains. To not let it become a daunting task, we have here a few quick tips that will help you decide o

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  8. Let's Bust the Top 3 Bedding-related Myths!

    When it comes to furnishing a bedroom, most questions can be easily answered by one of the many modular furniture showrooms in Ahmedabad. But, as for the lesser asked questions, the ones regarding the bedding - bed sheets, specifically - we thought to have them answered

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