Keelan Bed Set

We have for you, this awe-inspiring bed-set with an elegant bed, with a set of side tables, an exquisite three-door wardrobe with its own full-length mirror, as well as the beautiful dressing table with an attached set of two drawers and a bottom shelf, using the vibrant shades of ebony and dark oak. It is our conviction that austerity and simplicity in designs hold utmost importance. In keeping with that very mindset, we’ve used high-quality PLB to ensure that these are just as robust in reality, as they look from the outside!

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Sr. No Category Height Width Depth
1 KING BED 400 MM 1872 MM 2072 MM
2 QUEEN BED 400 MM 1572 MM 2072 MM
3 HEAD BOARD 900 MM   100 MM
4 SIDE TABLE 400 MM 400 MM 400 MM
5 DRESSING TABLE 2100 MM 600 MM 450 MM
6 WARDROBE 2100 MM 1350 MM 450 MM
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