Magus Bed Set

This extraordinary bed-set made with high-quality PLB, using a dark shade of wood - almost black - is the very definition of a strong and beautiful furniture design. This ensemble that brings together an elegant bed with side tables, a gorgeous dressing table with attached shelves and set of drawers, as well as a fabulous three-door wardrobe, would be a dream come true for just about any bedroom!

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Sr. No Category Height Width Depth
1 KING BED 400 MM 1872 MM 2072 MM
2 QUEEN BED 400 MM 1572 MM 2072 MM
3 HEAD BOARD 900 MM   54 MM
4 SIDE TABLE 400 MM 400 MM 400 MM
5 DRESSING TABLE 2100 MM 1050 MM 450 MM
6 WARDROBE 2100 MM 1350 MM 450 MM
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